Access Mechanical Handling and Premier Pallet Systems


Premier Pallet Systems Ltd. are the world’s leading specialist in pallet-to-pallet transfer equipment. With no less than 8 different styles of inverter for all loads and situations, Premier can call on over 30 years experience in pallet inverter manufacturing. The original machines were designed and built in Gressenhall in 1976 and Premier are now the biggest selling pallet inverter company in the world. On a local level in Scotland, Access Mechanical Handling have been working closely with Premier for over 20 years and have a full understanding of the markets where pallet inverters are beneficial.

Buy, rent or try a pallet inverter anywhere in Scotland.


In Premier Pallet Systems’ own words, “Our policy has always been to encourage customers to trial the equipment before purchase or where it is not possible, to visit an existing client. We want you to be 100%  happy with the inverter we supply you. We always have machines available for rental, either short or long term and we are entirely flexible about converting this to lease or straight purchase later.”

Long or short term rental is available on our standard range of machines. A proportion of payments can be offset against later purchase if required.

We can also arrange a 2 week trial of a machine at your factory or arrange for you to see a machine working at an existing customer’s site.

This offer is available through Access Mechanical Handling from our office and workshop in Bellshill, Lanarkshire where we have easy access to the M74 and M8 motorways enabling us to offer speedy support to our customers all over Scotland including Motherwell, Hamilton, Airdrie, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Livingston, Clydebank, Greenock, up to Oban and the  Western Isles as well as Inverness and The Highlands. We also deliver and install pallet inverters to customers on the East Coast of Scotland including Dundee, Arbroath, Kirkcaldy and other parts of Fife. Galashiels, Melrose and other towns in the Lothians and Borders have also benefitted from the Access Mechanical Handling and Premier Pallet Inverters’ partnership.

Who Uses Pallet Inverters in Scotland?


Broadly speaking you could say that any company who handles their product on pallets has a potential need for a Pallet Inverter.

Generally, customers can be broken down into 4 categories, one of these being to recover broken pallets or damaged goods at the bottom of a stack. It is fair to say that almost every inverter ever sold has at some time been used to give quick access to the bottom of the stack; many of them for only that purpose. Good housekeeping and better presentation to customers are two good reasons to have a pallet transfer device available at short notice when product starts to spill.

The biggest users of inverters are undoubtedly food and pharmaceutical companies who need to switch incoming goods from wooden to hygienic pallets for use in production areas. This principally applies to factories who manufacture products with a wide range of ingredients e.g. biscuits, cakes, snack foods, ready meals, health foods etc. Often the packaging material as well as the foodstuffs have to be transferred.

Hygiene is becoming increasingly critical and it is now out of the question for a wood pallet which could harbour any amount of chemicals or contamination from previous uses, to be allowed into a clean zone.

Any company that runs a high-bay warehouse or coldstore will be aware of the dangers of racking a broken or unstable pallet. Therefore, inverters are also used to guard against sub-standard pallets entering the system where they can cause delays or accidents.

The same hygiene and safety-conscious companies who employ an inverter on the incoming side of their operation may also use one for outgoing goods too.

Pharmaceutical products in particular are often palletised on plastic or other top quality skids in the factory but are switched to cheaper expendable pallets for distribution. A pallet transfer device gives the option to put goods on to the most suitable type of unit for distribution immediately prior to shipping. A producer may not know the destination of the goods at time of production, but now has the flexibility to transfer them to the most suitable pallet for the market concerned.

The fourth category of pallet inverter user is the company who simply needs to turn something through 180 degrees. There are many examples:

1. Printers who need to print on both sides of the sheet of paper.
2. Producers of laminated product such as MDF board.
3. Cheese producers during the maturation process.
4. Vineyards will allow the cork to expand in the neck of the bottles then turn them through 180 degrees for long term storage.
5. Concrete sections can be inverted to remove the steel mould.
6. Bananas are turned after ripening for better presentation in the supermarket.

Just when we think we have heard every reason for 180 degree inversion, our customers will come up with one more.

If you have a business in Bellshill, Motherwell, Hamilton, Airdrie, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Livingston, Clydebank, Greenock,  Oban and the  Western Isles, Inverness and The Highlands. Dundee, Arbroath, Kirkcaldy or any  other parts of Fife, Galashiels, Melrose or any other town, village or city in Scotland and would like to find out more information about pallet inverters or would like to talk about a trialling an inverter, give us at Access Mechanical Handling a call now on 01698 745859 or drop us an email here and we’ll contact you.