FSDC (Free Standing Dual Clamp) Pallet Inverters



Highly versatile free standing FS DC 180° inverter with dual clamps.

The FS DC Inverter can be loaded by forklift truck or at ground level by pallet truck with either ramped access or flush to floor tables.

All FS DC Inverter machines are painted with two coats of zinc primer and a 2 pack epoxy acrylic top coat as standard.

The standard unit handles loads up to 2 metres and down to as low as 600mm in height while the loading capacity is 2000Kgs.

Customised versions of the FS DC Inverter can be supplied with such options as:

increased jaw opening and table size

pallet grippers to reduce manual handling

stainless steel, hot zinc spray or “Steel-It” finish available.



Usable jaw opening: max 2.00m  min 0.64m ramp loaded tables or  0.74m floor flush tables. Increased jaw opening models available.

Load tables : 1.30m x 1.30m ramp loaded tables  1.40m x 1.30m floor flush tables

Normally supplied with 1.20m long loading ramp

Loading capacity 2000 kgs.

Power supply 3ph / 400v/ 20 amp

Motor size 4kW

Weight 2255 kgs

Weight of guards 175 kgs

Controls: Extended individual push button controls with semi or fully auto- sequenced systems available as an option.

Operating space: 2.80m wide x 2.30m deep x 2.48m high inc. attached guards

Depth increases to 3.31m when fitted with floor-fixed guards and multi photo-beams.

Standard shipping dimensions: 2.80m wide x 2.30m deep x 2.20m high with guards fitted.