DD 1.25 Pallet Inverter


The DD1.25 is a versatile unit specifically designed to handle loads in the lower weight range.

Ideal for handling finished goods (for example dairy products, pharmaceuticals, consumer goods and stacks of paper).

Lightweight (1500kg) – easy to transport.

Twin chain-linked clamping tables opening to within 110mm off floor level.

Can be loaded by forklift truck, stacker, or at ground level by pallet truck via a 1.5m long ramp.

Compact size. Perfect for working in confined areas or difficult to access locations.

Simple push button controls with option of semi or fully automatic controls.

Various guarding options.

Best suited to lightweight (1250kg maximum), low volume applications.

The table size determines that it is not suited to pallets over 1.2m wide or with overhung product.

The DD1.25 would not normally be built with modified table dimensions or jaw opening.




Load transfer from wood to plastic or other hygienic pallet.

Switching outgoing loads to shipping or expendable skids.

Transferring incoming goods to high quality in-house pallets.




Usable jaw opening: 1.90m MAX 0.90m MIN

Load tables: 1.16m wide x 1.18m deep

Can be supplied with 1.50m long loading ramp for floor level access.

Loading capacity 1250 kgs.

Power supply 3ph / 400v/ 15 amp

Motor size 2.2kW

Weight 1500 kgs

Weight of guards 175 kgs

Controls: Extended individual push button controls with semi or fully auto- sequenced systems available as an option.

Operating space: 2.70m wide x 1.78m deep x 2.30m high inc. attached guards

Depth increases to 3.00m when fitted with floor-fixed guards and multi photo-beams.

Standard shipping dimensions: 2.70m wide x 1.78m deep x 2.00m high with guards fitted.