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Our friends at Moffett, the truck mounted forklift people have launched their facebook page. So for all you forklift afficionados on “the facebook”, why not log on and give them a ‘like’. Whether you “poke” them or not is up to you and really none of our business! You can find them […]

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What lessons from the horse meat scandal can be applied to the supply of forklifts in Scotland?


There has been so much media coverage of the failings of the food supply chain in the UK that we are reluctant to even mention the subject. However, there is a lesson to be learned. It […]

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Severe Weather Warning!!!!!!!!!!!!!  




Be prepared with our Forklift-mounted Snow Ploughs  and Towable Gritters.


Our low cost snow ploughs are easy to use,  fitted in seconds, giving you a clear snow-free yard/car park – keeping you and your business  up and running. Not only do our […]

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Why should Scottish companies deal with each other?

Supermarkets and multinational stores have become one of the largest areas of employment for the Scottish economy. A lot of the private companies in Scotland who supply the supermarkets and large national companies are mainly food and drink orientated and rely heavily on these outlets. […]

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What are the qualities of a great forklifts dealer?  At Access Mechanical Handling, forklifts are our business. Forklifts are what we do best.  If you are considering changing your fleet of forklift trucks or even thinking of hiring a forklift truck for the first time, we have compiled this checklist of […]

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Environmental Innovation For Users Of Forklifts In Glasgow, Edinburgh And All  Scotland’s Cities



Access Handling are pleased to be introducing the new, all electric, “E-Moffett” to users of forklifts in Scotland. As featured recently in Commercial Motors magazine, this brand new electric truck mounted forklift has an ULTRA LOW […]

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When Is A Forklift Not A Forklift?


A forklift truck is a name we all associate with a truck for moving and stacking pallets. In actual fact, “industrial truck” could be a better description as  forklifts can be used […]

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