Severe Weather Warning!!!!!!!!!!!!!





Be prepared with our Forklift-mounted Snow Ploughs  and Towable Gritters.


Our low cost snow ploughs are easy to use,  fitted in seconds, giving you a clear snow-free yard/car park – keeping you and your business  up and running.
Not only do our snow ploughs do the job required but they will last for years to come.
With over 25 years experience, you can trust Access Mechanical Handling to come up with the goods when it matters (in all weathers) .

Snow Plough from Access Mechanical Handling, 1800mm wide with a rubber wear strip @ £675 + VAT delivered.


We also offer great Forklift Towable Gritters which can be used in combination with salt and grit. Towable Gritters are equipped with pneumatic tyres. Gritting range: 1-6m. Funnel Volume: 150L

Forklift Towable Gritter costs £645 + VAT delivered


Give us a call on 01698 745859 and beat the freeze!
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