Hiab Moffett – M2

The Specialist For Urban Distribution




The M2 is a highly agile machine with a low unladen weight, built for industrial and commercial applications, where machine size, weight and manoeuvrability are crucial. It handles well in the busiest and most confined conditions, negotiating busy city traffic, narrow roads, confined driveways or restricted space within depots to the final destination.

Designed for applications requiring a lift capacity of up to 1500 kg, the M2 transfers loads safely, working on paved surfaces and firm off-road conditions. With an exceptionally slim chassis, the M2 features all the strength, performance and driver comfort of the larger M-Series models.

  • Equipped with the latest features for optimised load handling they help you master typical load handling challenges:
  • Faster deliveries result in improved operating efficiency and allow you to deliver more goods in less time
  • No more waiting on offloading equipment/personnel on site
  • Negotiate within confined areas, including one side offloading
  • Eliminate manual handling
  • Reduce product damage during transport, on-and offloading
  • Deliver anytime, being entirely independent from other offloading equipment and personnel
  • Pick and choose your load order as you can access and offload from any location of the vehicle
  • Offer premium customer service, delivering on demand, on time, efficiently and directly to the location required

Standard Features

The M2 is the dedicated model for lift capacities up to 1500 kg. It is designed for a wide range of commercial and industrial applications. The extensive standard features of the Hiab Moffett M2 provide maximum operating safety and efficiency when negotiating loads in busy urban traffic conditions.

  • Flashing beacon and work lights
  • Reverse bleepers, road lights and interlocking seat belt
  • ROPS/FOPS Driver Compartment (Rollover/Falling Object Protective Structure)
  • Easy access to servicable parts



Whatever the applications, the Hiab Moffett M2 is available with an extensive range of options:

  • Different tyre options
  • Choice of Forks
  • Telescopic Wheelarm
  • Load Backrest
  • Engine Heater

* The Ground MountTM System allows the operator to safely mount/dismount the Truck-mounted Forklift from ground level in under 60 seconds, using a wireless remote control unit.



We provide solutions to some of the most unique load handling requirements with a variety of attachments available to enhance the M2.

  • Designed to handle an assortment of products, our Attachment Line offers efficiency and flexibility.
  • Telescopic Forks
  • Fork Positioner
  • Integrated Sideshift

Our extensive service network, in more than 40 countries, offers you high levels of expertise, and our highly skilled service network team is used to solving just about any challenge and is always nearby.

Our team understands your business and provides the right advice regarding your load handling needs. Our centralised spares and parts service ensures delivery within 24 hours across Europe and only a little longer for the rest of the world.


Hiab Moffett – M2 Specifications


 Download the M2 Product Brochure

Max lifting capacity
1500 kg @ 600 mm Load Centre
Drive wheels
Tyre type
4.00x 4 Supersoft/23×8.5-12
Turning radius
Unladen weight
1570 kg
Tilt of mast
6 / 5 degrees
Side Shift
Telescopic fork
Fork carriage width
Frame opening
Overall width
1200 mm
Lift height
2200 mm
Mast height collapsed
Ground clearance
260 mm