Hiab Moffett – At the forefront of waste recycling


Helping manufacturers, governments, business organisations and consumers to protect the environment for future generations, Hiab Moffett is at the forefront in waste management.

In this competitive environment, the truck-mounted forklift is a vital link to the safe and efficient delivery and collection of waste material.

A Hiab Moffett truck-mounted forklift moves paper, cardboard, cars, plastic, aluminium, white goods, tyres, litter, glass, batteries, palletised or unpalletised.

With its high lift capacity, robust design and a wide range of attachments such as clamps, different fork options and positioners, the Hiab Moffett truck-mounted forklift easily handles waste and recycling products on site or in the yard.

A Hiab Moffett truck-mounted forklift ensures FASTER, SAFER and more COST EFFECTIVE deliveries.


Recommended models for the recycling industry:


Moffett Hiab M4 20.3

Moffett Hiab M4 25.3

Moffett Hiab M5 20.3

Moffett Hiab M5 25.3

Moffett Hiab M10

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