Moffett – Extra Reach with ONE SIDE OFF-LOADING


Access and Hiab Moffett understand the importance of quick, efficient deliveries. We have invested in innovative ideas to ensure you can load and unload your truck or trailer as quickly and safely as possible and without the hassle of having to turn your vehicle around.

Our range of machines and options provide you with the perfect solution when delivering to small areas.

Telescopic forks
Telescopic forks provide up to an extra metre and consist of a standard fork with a second extendable fork.

Pantograph Forks
Pantograph or scissor forks provide an extra metre of reach across the bed of the truck.

Our patented LIFT ASSIST system, means that ‘one man + one machine’ can load and unload up to 2.5 tonnes from the far side of loaded trucks or trailers, negating the need to utilise both sides and helps hyour company save time and money.

LIFT ASSIST, consisting of a pantograph reach device or telescopic forks and LIFT ASSIST arm combination extends forward reach of the forklift to 2.3 metres. At the same time, the unfolding stabilizing arms at the front of the forklift rest against the side of the truck and increase stability.

The 1-wheel drive models are fitted with extendable wheel arms that fit under the body of the truck.

Support Rollers
The latest addition to our range of products, the Hiab Moffett Telemount, is a boom operated Truck-mounted Forklift. It provides a reach of over 3 metres and the load is simultaneously supported by rollers on the boom to allow for movement over the truck or tailer bed. The long boom stroke ensures full reach to the far side of truck or trailer.