Hiab Moffett – Giving a Competitive Edge in Insulation Delivery


Mounted onto the back of any truck or trailer, the Hiab Moffett truck-mounted forklift takes up no load space, leaving more room for bulky products such as insulation materials, facilitating faster, safer and more cost effective deliveries.

On site, you save time as there is no waiting for a customer’s or supplier’s forklift or load handling equipment. The Hiab Moffett Truck-mounted forklift is renowned for it’s excellent performance on difficult terrain, confined spaces, steep gradients or debris covered areas, ensuring that you can deliver anywhere dramatically reducing product damage.

Whether you are delivering to a busy building site or a suppliers yard, the high lift capacity, robust design and a wide range of attachments such as clamps, different fork options and positions ensure that the Hiab Moffett handles insulation products with ease.

In short, your Hiab Moffett truck-mounted forklift will guarantee faster, safer and more cost effective deliveries.

Recommended models for the insulation industry:


Hiab Moffet M4 20.3

Hiab Moffett M5 20.3

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