Hiab Moffett – The smarter, safer method of gas distribution


With dangerous and flammable containers to transport, you need the right kind of equipment. With a Hiab Moffett truck-mounted forklift, you are guaranteed that your gas stillage will be handled with the utmost safety and efficiency.

Availabel with a multitude of safety features, the Hiab Moffett is fitted as standard with a spark arrester to prevent sparks, an isolation switch that allows the driver to turn off the electrics and an insulated earth to increase safety.

With its high lift capacity, robust design and wide range of attachments such as clamps, different fork options and positioners, the Hiab Moffett truck-mounted forklift easily handles industrial gas containers on site or in the yard.

You Hiab Moffett will ensure faster, safer and more cost effective deliveries.


Recommended Models for the  Industrial Gas Industry:


Hiab Moffett M4 20.1

Hiab Moffett M4 20.3

Hiab Moffett M4 25.3

Hiab Moffett M5 25.3

Hiab Moffett M8 30.3

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