Hiab Moffett – The smarter way to deliver plasterboard


Building sites are busy places with rough and muddy terrain, where safety is the priority.  Park your truck off-site and deliver safely, easily and quickly with a Hiab Moffett truck-mounted forklift.

The ability to position supplies exactly where your customer requires them will give your business a big competitive edge.

The Hiab Moffett is designed for handling drywall, lining and insulation materials in an efficient way. The all-wheel drive ensures you don’t get stuck in the mud and gives excellent traction and stability. Using a Hiab Moffett also saves the wear and tear on your truck by keeping it off-site and helps to improve delivery scheduling.

Hiab Moffett truck-mounted forklifts give the driver complete independence quickly and efficiently, without any additional loading devices significantly reducing product damage.

Recommended models for the plasterboard industry:


Hiab Moffett M4 25.3

Hiab Moffett M4 25.4

Hiab Moffett M5 20.3

Hiab Moffett M5 25.3

Hiab Moffett M5 25.4

Hiab Moffett M8 25.3

Hiab Moffett M8 25.4

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