Fork Extensions



Fork Extensions provide a simple, but effective method of handling the occasional long and awkward load that extends past the tips of the parent fork arm (maximum overhang 50%).


Standard Features:


Tip thickness 6mm for ease of splitting packs

Fully pressed profile with rounded corners

Zinc plated heel pins for safe attachment to truck

Painted black


Optional Features:


Triangular extensions for lifting paper rolls

Conical Extensions for Lifting Paper Rolls

Rubber Bonded Fork Extension Sleeves also available:




Model Length
Model Length
Model Length
IFE448HDBO-NF 1220 IFE548HDBO-NF 1220 IFE648HDBO-NF 1220
IFE454HDBO-NF 1372 IFE554 HDBO-NF 1372 IFE654HDBO-NF 1372
IFE460HDBO-NF 1525 IFE560HDBO-NF 1525 IFE660HDBO-NF 1525
IFE463HDBO-NF 1600 IFE563HDBO-NF 1600 IFE663HDBO-NF 1600
IFE465HDBO-NF 1650 IFE565 HDBO-NF 1650 IFE665HDBO-NF 1650
IFE472 HDBO-NF 1829 IFE572 HDBO-NF 1829 IFE672 HDBO-NF 1829
IFE478 HDBO-NF 1981 IFE578 HDBO-NF 1981 IFE678HDBO-NF 1981
IFE484HDBO-NF 2134 IFE584HDBO-NF 2134 IFE684HDBO-NF 2134
IFE496HDBO-NF 2438 IFE596HDBO-NF 2438 IFE696HDBO-NF 2438