Hiab Moffett – Uniquely designed for live poultry haulage


The Hiab Moffett M9 is the only truck-mounted forklift developed for the poultry industry. It is the perfect solution for collecting and transporting poultry between growers and the processing plant.

Rough working conditions and low working heights are no longer a challenge and livestock is handled smoothly, safely and in a shorter time than ever.

Reliable in the most arduous conditions the all wheel drive with differential lock gives excellent traction, even in the deepest litter.

While travelling, the poultry modules are safely positioned centrally within the machine frame keeping them stable, thus reducing damage to livestock. A blue light reduces stress to the birds and the Triplex Mast provides maximum lift height for safe and speedy stacking of any type of poultry modules onto the truck or trailer.

Recommended Model for the Poultry Industry:


Hiab Moffett M9 24.3

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