Drivable Vertical Mast Lifts


Virtually eliminating the need for scaffolding or ladders, JLG® drivable vertical mast lifts allow you to get closer to your overhead work and maintenance applications. A single person can carry up to 500 lbs (people and materials) and reach up to 20 ft. With innovative controls, maintenance-free components and automatic battery charging, JLG® drivable vertical mast lifts last longer and are more reliable than ever. You will be able to fit through standard doorways, maneuver your way through narrow aisles, and go more places than ever before. Vertical mast lifts are great for transporting supplies, lighting, routine maintenance, and even hanging holiday decorations.


Model Comparison:


Model Platform Height Overall Width Turning Radius
10MSP 3.05 m 84 cm Zero
15MSP 4.65 m 80 cm Zero
20MSP 5.92 m 80 cm Zero